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                                  Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Dongsheng Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hotline:+86-13861688601 business@wxdongsheng.com
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                                  Wuxi Dongsheng Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in design and manufacture of equipments for petrochemical, biopharmaceutical and thermal electrical industries. Our company is located in the shore of Taihu Lake which is a rich land fostering more talents, in the Taihu New Town Science & Education Industrial Park, with convenient transportation only 3 km from the entrance of the high way.

                                  In the world, we have obtained ASME authorization for “U” and “UM” stamp. In China, we have been licensed to manufacture the pressure vessels of A1 and A2 grade according to GB150. Our company is certified in quality management system ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004. We was also awarded “the best trustworthy enterprise in quality” in Wuxi city. Our pressure vessels and petrochemical equipments were awarded “excellent products” in Jiangsuprovince of China. Our company is also evaluated as a “high scientific and technological enterprise” in Jiangsu province and its credit rank is AAA.

                                  Our company has already built a new workshop of 25,000 m2 in Yixing industrial park, and purchased a 4,000 m2 office buildingin the TaihuNewTownScience & EducationIndustrial Park...

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                                  Address: NO.58-17 Xiuxi Road,Binhu District,Wuxi. China. Post:214125 Mobile:+86-13861688601 Website:www.appeartex.com E-mail:business@wxdongsheng.com