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                                  Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Dongsheng Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. Hotline:+86-13861688601 business@wxdongsheng.com
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                                  Our cooperation with famous international companies:

                                  ◆Our company is a designated manufacturer of the large-scale condensate tank for York Air Conditioner (Wuxi ) Co., Ltd;

                                  ◆We has made many equipments for Roche(Shanghai) pharmacy company for their Pyridoxamine project, such as separator; condensator; spiral lamina type heat exchanger; tower device etc.

                                  ◆We has been chosen as the Qualified supplier by the GEA(Germany) company.

                                  ◆ We also supplies many equipments for Akzonobel company, and favorable commented by the customer.

                                  ◆ We have a good relationship with China National Offshore Oil Corporation(CNOOC), and done many big equipments for them. Such as air cooler; heat exchangers etc.

                                  You are welcome to contact us through the
                                  following contact methods to discuss and consult.
                                  Address: NO.58-17 Xiuxi Road,Binhu District,Wuxi. China. Post:214125 Mobile:+86-13861688601 Website:www.appeartex.com E-mail:business@wxdongsheng.com